Friday, March 20, 2015

Warriors: The New Prophecy Midnight/ The New Prophecy Moonrise
I have started a new series of  Warriors and it is great. It's when four chosen cat go on a mission to save the clans. My favorite character in this book is Squrrielpaw (an apprentice her father is the leader of Thunder Clan Firestar) she is a clever young cat with orange fur like her father with on white paw. The cats on the mission are Brambleclaw (Thunder Clan), Feathertail (River Clan), Crowpaw (Wind Clan), Tawnypelt (Shadow Clan) these were the cats on the mission that were invited. There were two cats that were not invited and they are Squirrelpaw (Thunder Clan) and Stormfur (River Clan) these two came because they wanted to go and they were the only ones that knew about it. Stormfur came because of his sister Feathertail and he wanted to protect her. Squirrelpaw went because her dad was being mean to her so she went with Brambleclaw.
I just started reading this book so this paragraph will not be that long like Midnight. My favorite character so far is Crowpaw he is a spunky brave apprentice who likes Feathertail. The mission is still going on and they are going back to their clans now. I hope you start reading this series you will really like it!
The pictures are the two books I just read and the first of the starting series!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Warriors Dangerous Path/The Darkest Hour
 I just finished book number five The Dangerous Path the book was great!
My favorite part was when the dog pack came and Fireheart's (main character) plan worked. I'm so sad the Bluestar (the leader died though. My favorite character was Cloudtail (Fireheart's sisters son) he is so nice to Lostface (she is in love with Cloudtail) when the dog pack hurt her bad and when they killed Swiftpaw. I'm starting to read book number six it is getting really good I don't have a favorite part or character yet because I just started. The sixth book is called The Darkest Hour Fireheart becomes leader because Bluestar dies in book five (so sad). Fireheart earns his leader name Firestar. Firestar and Cinderpelt (the medicine cat)
had just got back from Highstones (the place were leaders get their nine lives). A new deputy is called Whitestorm (an old warrior great friends with Firestar). That is all I have to say! This series is the best I hope you choose to read it!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Warriors Into the Wild
  I am almost done with this great book!!!! It is the first book of this series I have read it before but the series is so good I wanted to read it again! A couple of my friends wanted to read it so i decided to read it again to Abigal is done with it she loved it and Donia is almost finished. It is about a kittypet named Rusty who was asked to join the Thunder clan. He didn't know what to chose his comfortable home with his Twoleg (humans) owners or live in the wild with his new clan friend Graypaw were he gets to hunt and live in a clan who cares for him. He chose to live in the clan he earned his name Firepaw after his fire like fur. Before I chose this book to read again I was reading the fourth book when I am done with this book I am going to read number five. I highly recommend this series to many cat lovers, but you will love this book as a cat lover or not one. There is a lot of action and I really enjoy this series and you would too. Here is the book pictures from 1-6.



Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Warriors: Into the Wild
If you want to read the Warrior series the first book is Into the Wild. I recommend the is series it's about cats hunting and living life hunting and battling against other clans. There is four different clans the Wind clan, Thunder clan, River clan, and Shadow clan. These books are great if you into Harry Potter. The other books are like Warriors there is Seekers (bears) and Survivors (dogs). I have already read the Survivors it was good but not as good as Warriors. The first book is about a cat named Rusty and how he became a true clan cat. Rusty was a house cat before a clan cat. I am writing about the first book because some people are asking what is the first book called and about. These series are really active and fun and these books take place of a cats side of the story. I am reading the 4th book called the Rising Storm you have to read the first three to get this book. If you have any questions you might want to ask me I know this series from the back of my head. I HOPE you like this series!!!!
This is a picture of the cover of the first book Into the Wild!!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Guess what I'm readying again!WARRIORS!!This series is great after this you will want to read it. I'm reading #4. Fireheart is the new deputy he is pretty good at it. I love her books they are great. Bluestar (leader of the thunder clan) is getting worried about the clan after Tigerclaw was banished from clan. There has been some attacks from wind & shadow clan. Tigerclaw's kids are still in the clan with there mother. Fireheart is scared because of Tigerclaws son Bramblekit because he looks just like his dad. Some of the clan doesn't like Fireheart as the new deputy because he was a kittypet (house cat) and not born from the clan. My favorite character is Cloudpaw he is a white fluffy cat Fireheart's apprentice and also his sisters son. He has his own ideas and thoughts but never follows the rules he is learning the warrior code(the rules of a clan cat). This book is the best hope you read it!!!

Friday, December 12, 2014


The book is getting way better and cooler. Something has happened to Gemma and Harper is scared she does not want to lose her younger sister. I wonder what happened to Gemma I think those three mysterious had something to do with it. If it was them I wonder what they did to Gemma and why? This book is gets better and better as I flip the page the most mysterious things are happening and some how those girls keep trying to be Gemma's friend. I think it was them.Post what you think happened to Gemma!!!!(The three girls names are Thea, Penn, and Lexi I heard that there was a fourth girl i don't know what happened)This book is great I hope you read it!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


  It's getting really good. The three girls you know the mysterious one well they have been watching Gemma and her sister Harper. I wonder what they are up to. They told Gemma that they see her all the time when she swims in the lake at night.  The always go in a cave at  night and dance in hangout. Gemma and her sister why the mysterious girls keep watching them. I wonder what their up to and why they're there. I hopping so  you guys read this book it is really good. Please read this great book